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A Little About Yeoman Pressings...

Yeoman Pressings is one of the few manufacturers in the midlands that have both modern and traditional pressings all under one roof. We are an established and traditional pressings manufacturer who have also embraced modern CNC punch pressings techniques.

With our wealth of experience we can deliver products from initial design through to end production. Reducing time, costs and tailored to your specifications.

Humble Midlands Beginnings with a World Class Future

So how long have Yeomans been 'going'? Well our history is a long one! It all began back in 1963 when Mr Yeomans installed a fly press in his cellar at Beech road in Stourbridge so he could start making small pressings. After his neighbours complained about the noise he moved to Cradley heath and set up as a sub contract presswork supplier to the automotive industry.

Since then the company has undergone a few transitions of ownership including in 2010 when Graham Yeomans (The grandson of the original founder) became one of four equal owners/directors. As of August 2017 we saw another leadership change to that of Graham and his Wife Tracey buying the company outright and fufilling a life long goal of Graham who always wished to bring the company back into the family. 

Today Yeoman Pressings has a turnover of £3million and proudly employs more than 37 staff at our headquarters in Coseley, Wolverhampton.

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