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Yeoman Pressings Ltd are a Made in the Midlands Silver Member

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YPL prides itself on working in partnership with its customers in the manufacture of metal based products and assemblies.

The YPL manufacturing team is committed to the provision of a total quality assured service in meeting both the customers needs and ensuring compliance with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008

YPL aim to satisfy all relevant legislation and to ensure that all personnel within the company adopt a safe, honest and professional style of attitude. The ultimate objective is to achieve an organisation whose commitment to our customers is total.  

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Services Yeoman Pressings Ltd Provide

Our Services

Assembly & Fabrication

Our highly skilled on-site assembly and welding team enable us to offer a fast turnaround and competitive pricing on both custom and series production

CNC Pressings

With our in-house technology and the latest machinery, we can develop new products from design samples through to production in the quickest time possible, with short lead times and no or low tooling expenditure.

Traditional Pressings

With our traditional presses up to 100 tonnes and our expertise in using both press work codes, modern and traditional, we can provide your project with the most flexible and cost-effective solutions.

Plant Capacity

Over the past few years we have consistently invested in state-of-the-art equipment. Our highly skilled team has access to the most advanced technology and machinery, enabling us to find the best solutions for your project.


With our in-house expertise we support you from the design and development stage of the manufacturing process, all the way through to the finished item.

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  • February 2013
  • 42
  • 2010
  • £2,800,000

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Tel: 01902 385260