New Shoring


We pride ourselves on our products that are ‘Made-in-Britain’ and in the last 12 months have won a project that had previously only been made abroad.

A company came to us with a product issue. The steel assemblies they required, which had always made and shipped in from overseas, were causing several problems. Of these issues, the major problem was that the packing was so poor that the products were bent and misshapen and very difficult to un-tangle on the production line seriously slowing down the output and therefore the efficiency of the production cell. Therefore making the ‘true delivered cost’ a lot higher than what was on paper!

We priced up a solution which was only 4.5% more than the ‘on paper price’, taking on 40% of the whole project, producing and assembling the product in-house and designing a unique delivery system so it was kept in shape at all times from our factory to the customers production line.

So successful and cost efficient was this initial phase, and the delivery system was such a hit with our customers production staff, that we have now taken on the whole project!

This isn’t just re-shoring work lost from the UK, this is winning work that was never in the UK in the first place.

We call this a successful NEW SHORING job.