Yeoman Pressings/Amada UK – MIM Members Working Together


Having taken an order for £30,000 from one of our key customers which was for export, and to be on a ship that was leaving on 16thFebruary, we definitely had to get it done.

As is always the case in situations like this ‘life’ put a ‘spanner in the works’.

Our 3m Amada CNC Pressbrake, which dated back to 1987 (the prototype?) suddenly went down. We got the Amada guys in and they efficiently got it going again by ‘robbing’ parts from our 2m Pressbrake. 24 Hours later, the 3m was down again with a different problem. After 25 years of continuous use it was starting to show its age.

So having spoken to the service engineers again, I found our only option to ensure a reliable service for our customers was the possibility of a re-conditioned machine, if they had one!

I phoned their Sales Engineer Simon Scott at 11am, sat down to discuss things at 12 noon and shook hands for a brand new AMADA HFE M2 3M at 1pm!

Through Simon’s help and the fantastic speed that Amada worked, we had the new machine in place in 5 days (including the weekend) I am pleased to say with a few extra shifts put in by the YPL team (including me as an operator and general ‘donkey’) we got the order out on time!

A positive result and we now have a 3m Amada Pressbrake which due to its capabilities has improved our set up times and almost eliminated material wastage during set up.